the untoward, 4th October 2016

beware, beware the untoward the untoward that’s unbeknown the untoward that’s unbeknownst to one and all and all and one…… beware, beware the untoward the sound impending untoward that’s if you know the sound that might an untoward might make…. it may be just the sound I’m hearing know and could might be an untoward the sound from over there, yes, over there, across the garden past the trees over hedges, not too far now, not too far, leaping over trickles, streams that wish they were a river, through the scrub and down and down and into shade and there… hear the sound?……. a train inside a cutting…… or is it such and maybe not and might just be an untoward…. its lowly growl inside a hum and dipped  in grounded groans…. and then it beeps and beeps and beeps and then it stops and stops while still the lowly growl inside a hum and dipped in grounded groans sounds a sound most untoward and ponderous, though with its mischief beep, beep, beeps may leap with such a bound…… so swift, so swift the untoward could very well most easy be for who am I to know or not this mystery to me…….. beware, beware the untoward, the untoward and unbeknown that sit in wait and wait……… and wait for when you’re less-inclined to look in its direction… over there?… or there?……. or maybe there or there, who knows who knows such is their unfamiliar untowarding ways……… but maybe all along I am the fool that’s missed the obvious just when a raven overhead flew by and croaked the secret of the untoward but though I heard and listened so I still don’t know as damn it all and hang it all I simply don’t speak raven…….


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