ha’penny, 2nd October 2016

I found a ha’penny
a half pence piece… a half penny coin….. currency of the realm that is no more long, long, long ago out of circulation….. I found one underneath a carpet… an old carpet in an upstairs bedroom where it sat on top of a 1958 newspaper, a Manchester Guardian as it happens…. now yellowed but intact, and very flat having spent over 50 years beneath a carpet doing an impression of what passed an underlay back then I suppose… although it wasn’t that long ago… the ha’penny is a 1977 coin so further adding mystery and intrigue as to how it came to be a companion to this long ago newspaper under a carpet equally as old……. oddly enough 1977 was a significant year for me as it happens…. but that would require a whole other blog all of it own, another time…… so once again dear reader you find me in ponder, in deep ponder, pondering this ha’penny sitting so small in my palm…. trying to recall the last time I actually held one of any age…. was again back in the long, long agos quite a long, long long ago time ago…….. being 1977 it’s a new ha’penny and not an old one…. if it was it would be bigger for starters, as coinage is becoming increasing smaller, have you noticed….. no doubt like the ha’penny they become so small they…
vanish….. gone the way of the past…… these particular coins were only around for a mere 12 years between 1971 and 1983 I suppose making this quite a find…… I am now going to start a collection of the new ha’penny……. why not, everyone needs a hobby…….



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