lighter than dust, 30th September 2013

as the month stumbles to a close I can’t help but notice how small some things are…… take dust for instance….. tiny!… and I mean tiny!……. sometimes I can’t decide if it’s falling down or floating up, despite gravity, dancing before my eyes up it often goes, lighter than air… imagine being lighter than air…. or helium maybe, that’s lighter… mind you, if I was helium then I would also have a humourously high voice, making any chance of a serious conversation all but impossible…… do I want a serious conversation?……. I suppose I have to start having them again, being at university and all, serious conversations are very much part of the mix… I must also remember to turn over the pages in my calendars tomorrow too… I never look at what picture is coming next, I like the surprise…… so dust, yes, tiny isn’t it…. and when I’ve tried to grab it it seems to vanish… and yet, the next day I notice it blatantly sitting on the surface of things where I can even make drawings in it……. I suppose it’s a gift for an ephemeral graffiti artist, as in ephemeral graffiti that is, not an artist who is ephemeral, that would make them like dust, now you see them now you don’t……. imagine being tiny enough to actually be a speck of dust…. ’tis moderately fascinating to speck’ulate……



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